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NIGCS Fall Auction
Saturday, October 7, 2017

Bellaire Library, 330 32nd St., Bellaire, OH.
Preview 3:00p • Auction 4:00p

Unless otherwise stated, All Items are Imperial
Here is a sampling of what will be at the auction:

Apollo 11 Paperweight:
Armstrong Aldrin Collins with Lunar Engagement Module (LEM)
in the center attached.

Fenton “Gone with the Wind”
2-tier milk glass poppy lamp

Imperial #51886 Cathay
Scalding Bird, Dynasty Jade, glossy
Imperial #1886 Stamm House
ice tea; signed IG
Imperial #5024 Cathay Scalding Bird, crystal, frosted; signed Virginia B. Evans


Imperial #43911 Pokal, covered,
Caramel Slag, glossy; stickers
Imperial #300 basket 9½",
Ruby Slag, glossy; signed IG
Imperial #43910 Pokal, covered,
Jade Slag, glossy; sticker

Imperial #157 Rabbit Box & cover,
Purple Slag, glossy; signed IG
Imperial #43890 Pie Wagon Box & cover, Caramel Slag, glossy; signed ALIG

Northwood Grape & Cable bowl
10½", crimped, carnival; signed N

Imperial Little Shot, green, stickers
Imperial Half Shot, green,
wear on bottom
Imperial Big Shot, green
Imperial Shoji Trellis tumblers (4),
“On The Rocks”; signed IG

Imperial Boudoir Set
Reeded powder jar with cover,
black perfume bottles (2),
black with crystal stoppers

Imperial/IRice 9-piece dresser set
Reeded perfume bottles (2),
crystal with crystal stoppers
Reeded powder jar
with metal gilded cover
hand mirror, comb, & glass tray,
all gilded

Jack in the Pulpit; colognes

2 colognes with puff box & mirror tray

puff box: separate lot from set

Candlewick pitchers

Candlewick with cuttings

Caramel Slag
(Imperial Cathay Scolding Bird at right)

Imperial Cape Cod

Duncan-Miller in front right

Milk Glass

Milk Glass

Milk Glass

Milk Glass

Milk Glass

Various pieces

Fenton basket,
Decorated Imperial Milk Glass

Carnival Tumblers


Imperial tumblers


Black Glass

Slag Baskets


Owl Slag

Ruby Fostoria Coin

Purple Slag


Purple Slag



Post Card, catalog, mechnical pencil




Check back from time to time to see more auction additions


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