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NIGCS Gifting Opportunities

The National Imperial Glass Collectors’ Society (NIGCS) Board of Trustees is seeking your participation to help insure the future financial security and strength of the Society and its National Imperial Glass Museum. We are encouraging our members and friends to support the NIGCS through several donation options as described below.

Donations may be designated for the NIGCS, the Museum Operating Fund, or the Museum Endowment Fund. Here are some ways you can help:

1) Purchasing NIGCS memberships for friends and family. These will generally not be deductible. In addition to membership fees, there are Donation Membership categories that recognize donations at various levels: Benefactors at $500; Sponsors at $250;
President’s at $100; and Patron at $50. Amounts in excess of the membership fee may be deductible.

2) Making cash donations, the simplest method of giving. Write a check or use your charge card. Please inquire of your employer about making a matching donation to the NIGCS.

3) Designating the NIGCS as one of your insurance beneficiaries. See your insurance agent.

4) Transferring ownership of appreciated stocks and securities to NIGCS. This can avoid capital gains taxation and the deduction is usually the present value of the securities at the date of donation. NIGCS, through our association with Chase Bank, will either hold or sell these assets.

5) Including the NIGCS in the form of a bequest from your estate. Your attorney can tell you how.

6) Naming the NIGCS in a donor’s Charitable Remainder Trust. The NIGCS has no role other than being specified to receive the donation.

7) Taking advantage of the special IRA provision (valid again for 2010) which allows tax-free transfers from an IRA directly to the NIGCS without having to recognize the transfer as income.

Please consult with your local legal, financial, or estate planning representatives for up-to-date information concerning any gifts you may be considering and to confirm their tax implications. Note that the NIGCS, as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, can provide the receipt necessary to support income tax deductions.

For clarification from the NIGCS of any of the above gifting options, please contact any of the following Board members: Paul Douglas, Laura Marsh, or Mike Wilson by phone or email as listed.

Your Board of Directors has confidence in the present financial health of the Society and Museum. With your help, the National Imperial Glass Collectors’ Society, Inc. and the National Imperial Glass Museum will be sharing the message of the ”Big I” in larger and more effective ways for many years in the future.


National Imperial Glass Collectors' Society, Inc.