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Reference Books Published about Imperial Glassware

The Collector's Guide to Imperial Candlewick by Virginia R. Scott

Books on Candlewick by Mary Wetzel-Tomalka:

Candlewick The Jewel of Imperial ( 1981; revised 1991)
Candlewick The Jewel of Imperial, Book 2 (1995)
Candlewick The Jewel of Imperial Personal Inventory & Record Book
Candlewick The Jewel of Imperial Price Guide '99 & More (1998)
Candlewick The Jewel of Imperial Price Guide 2002 & More (2001)
Candlewick The Jewel of Imperial Inventory - Computer 3 1/2" Floppy disc (2001)

Books by Myrna & Bob Garrison:

Rare Imperial Glass Patterns (2008)
Imperial Cape Cod (2004)
Candlewick: The Crystal Line (2003)
Candlewick: Colored and Decorated Lines (2003)
Imperial Cape Cod, 2nd Edition(1991)
Imperial's Vintage Milk Glass (1992)
Imperial's Boudoir, Etcetera (1996)
Imperial Candlewick Little Known Facts (1999)
Milk Glass Imperial Glass Corporation (2001)

Additional Books on Imperial Glass

Slag & Marble Glass by Nathan Taves & Don Jennings
Elegant Glass with Cornflower by Walter Lemiski
Imperial Glass: Lace Edge by Laura Marsh (2004)
Imperial Carnival Glass by Carl O. Burns(1996, updated values 1999)
Imperial Glass by Wilma and Richard Ross (Out of Print)
Freehand American Slag Glass by Ruth Grizel (1998)
Heisey by Imperial - Heisey Collectors Club Guide to Heisey & Heisey By Imperial Glass
Animals by Frank L. Hahn and Paul Kikeli
Eliza and The House That Jack Built, 'Footprints on the Banks of the Ohio', Albert Wass

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