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For over eighty years, the people of the Imperial Glass Corporation in Bellaire, Ohio produced some of the most elegant hand-crafted glassware this country has known. Highly prized and collected today the popularity of Imperial glassware, then and now, is based on the creative artistry and craftsmanship of those people, the quality of the glass itself and the diversity in the styles of glassware lines offered.

The following are among the many great Imperial blown, pressed, cut, etched and decorated glassware Lines: Americana Bottles & Lamps / Vintage Milk Glass / Candlewick / Free Hand / Beaded Block / Peachblow / American Beauty Rose / Cathay / Reeded / Animal Figurines / Twist / Laced Edge / NuCut / End O' Day Slag Glass / Art Glass / Vintage Grape / Early American Hobnail / Mount Vernon / Bambu / Etiquette / Smithsonian Institution Collection / Pinch / Belmont / Scroll / Tradition / NuArt / Big Shots / Intaglio / Cape Cod / Metropolitan Museum of Art Collection / Carnival / Pillar Flute / Collectors Crystal / Stamm house Dewdrop Opalescent

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For 80 years Imperial Produced...

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Purchase Souvenir Items, they make wonderful gifts and you help support the Society to ...

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