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Glass Museums

National Duncan Glass Museum

National Heisey Glass Museum
Historical Glass Museum
The New Bedford Museum of Glass
Old Morgantown Glass Museum
Ohio Glass Museum
The Ruby Stain Museum
West Virginia Museum of American Glass
Tiffin Glass Museum
Wheaton Village Museum of American Glass
Glass Clubs

20-30-40 Society Inc.
Early American Pattern Glass Society
Fenton Art Glass Collectors of America, Inc.
Fostoria Glass Society of America and Museum
Heisey Collector of Texas
H.C. Fry Glass Society
Indiana Glass Society
Lincoln Land Depression Era Glass Club
Michiana Association of Candlewick Collectors (MACC)
Morgantown Glass Collectors Guild
National American Glass Club, Ltd.
National Cambridge Collectors Inc.
National Depression Glass Association
National Fenton Glass Society
National Milk Glass Collectors Society
Phoenix & Consolidated Glass Collectors' Club
Stretch Glass Society
Texas Regional Imperial Glass Collectors
Three Rivers Depression Era Glass society
Tiffin Glass Collectors Club
Vaseline Glass Collectors, Inc
Westmoreland Glass Club


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